Caliber Home FM, DAB+ & Bluetooth Receiver

Caliber Home FM, DAB+ & Bluetooth Receiver
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This neat little device will allow you to play DAB+ via Bluetooth® and AUX, as well as allowing you to stream music from your phone via  the receiver's bluetooth then into the AUX. The product is great for existing audio setups which don't have DAB+ or Bluetooth capabilities but do have an AUX, as instead of having to replace this whole system you can simply grab one of these! You can have up to 6 preset stations.

DAB uses digital signal rather than analogue to play the radio stations, digital signal is more reliable and carries less interference than FM/AM radio, so the result is a clearer, more crisp radio signal! The UK currently supports DAB not DAB+ but this device supports both so rest assured that it's future proof for incoming technology!


  • DAB+ and FM radio
  • Bluetooth
  • 6 presets
  • LCD display
  • Up to 8 hour battery
  • Allows you to stream media via bluetooth into your setup's AUX connection
  • Supports A2DP profile

So if you've got an epic home audio system that you don't want to replace at home already, but it lacks new technology such as DAB+ and Bluetooth®, then this is the product for you! 

Caliber are a European consumer electronics manufacturer with a long history of quality product development and a name synonymous with quality, performance and longevity.

More Information
AM Tuner No
FM Tuner No
Radio Station Presets 20
Radio Signal Strength Indicator No
External Antenna No
Bluetooth Compatible No
Wi-Fi No
CD Player No
Maximum SD/USB Capacity (GB) 32
Battery Powered No
Phone Charging (Amps) No
Speaker Size 1 x 6.5", 1 x 1.0"
Colour White
Illumination Colour No
Dimensions (cm) 10.0 x 10.0 x 10.0
Weight (Kg) 10.0000
Brand Beyond Products
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