Digital LED Alarm Clock With Wake Up Light - Shake to Snooze

This soft touch, ergonomic alarm clock is sure to get you out of bed in the morning with it's shake to snooze function, also you can then turn the clock upside down to reveal a warm white light designed to help you wake up in the morning or go to sleep at night with its adjustable brightness!

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The design of this alarm clock was inspired by the cutting edge of bamboo, it's unique and modern construction blends perfectly into any bedroom and the soft touch materials give it a premium high quality feel. When you wake up, you don't want to be messing about with complex systems to turn off/snooze your alarm, that's why our alarm clock can be snoozed by a shake or simply turned off by turning it upside down; revealing a warm white light designed to help you wake up in the morning. It's user friendly design is powered by a built in battery that can last up to 6 months on a single charge! We also include a micro USB charging cable so we've got you covered there too. 


  • Dual alarms in either 12 or 24 hour format
  • Digital LED display
  • Shake or press any button to snooze
  • Turn over to stop and reveal the warm white light
  • Powered by integrated 1200mAh battery (charging cable included) 
  • Dimmable ambient light and clock face screen display light
  • Charging time: approximately 3 hours
  • 5-6 months battery life in alarm mode, up to 160 hours with the light
  • Great ergonomic design made with soft touch materials

Standing less than 10cm tall, it's the ultimate space saver on a crowded bedside table, taking up minimal room while being a striking feature is something this elegant alarm clock does all too well! Whether you like a soft light to go bed with or a warm light to wake up to, you can have it all with this ultimate sleep companion. 

More Information
Alarm Buzzer, Light
Snooze Function Yes
AM Tuner No
FM Tuner No
Digital Radio No
Radio Station Presets N/A
Radio Signal Strength Indicator No
CD Player No
Bluetooth Compatible No
Internal Speaker No
Battery Powered Yes
Battery Life (Hours) 6 months without light or 160 hours with light
External Antenna No
Accessories USB Power Cable
Colour No
Dimensions (cm) 8 x 8 x 9.5
Weight (Kg) 0.1580
Brand Beyond Products
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