HD Wide Angle Front & Rear Dash Camera With GPS

With more motorists on the road than ever before, the importance of dash cams is becoming more and more apparent. Give yourself a peace of mind by installing the DVR225ADUAL with GPS in your car for front and rear footage of all your journeys. It could be worth its weight in gold…

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The DVR225A is the top dog in dash cam technology, packed with features right to the brim, there’s not much this dash cam can’t do (apart from drive the car, of course)! Firstly it’s got 1080p HD, 3 MP cameras at the front and rear with 140 degree wide angle lenses to survey both end of your car in case of an impact. 

- Front an rear cameras included
- 3.0mp
- G-sensor
- 140" degree wide angle lens
- 3" LCD display (HD Playback)
- HD recording (1920x1080 @ 30fps)
- HDMI output
- Motion detection G sensor
- Day/night sensor
- Built-in microphone and speaker
- Supports Micro SD card (16gb - 128gb Not Included)
- Loop recording (30 sec, 1 or 2 min)
- Auto turn off (1,3,5 min or Off)
- ADAS (advanced driver assistance system)
- FCWS: Forward collision warning system (warns if you're to close to another vehicle)
- LDWS: Lane departure warning system (warns if you cross white road lines)
- Multi Language interface (GB, FR, ES, DE, PT, IT, PL)
- Built-in rechargeable battery
- Charged via adapter(12 or 24V, 3.5m cable inc)

If unfortunately you do get in a bump, rest assured that this dash cam will have all the footage in clear high quality waiting for you on an SD card. You won’t lose the clip as the camera will automatically lock files when it senses an impact so they aren’t overwritten, this is an invaluable feature as it takes all the thinking out of your hands as the last thing you’ll be worrying about after an accident is the dash cam. It’s also got GPS so the location will be embedded in your video clips to provide concrete evidence to insurance companies in the event of a crash where the blame is disputed.

This particular model also comes with a feature called ADAS which is an intelligent driver safety system that will alert you when you start to drift out of your lane (a feature only found on high end brand new cars!). Other great features include loop recording so it’ll always have space to record new clips and an auto off function where you can set it to turn off a set amount of time after you leave the car.

The build quality of this product is second to none and will blow cheaper unbranded competitors out of the water; Caliber products are highly established and have a build quality to last.

More Information
Loop Recording Yes
SOS Recording Yes
Control Type In-Built
Lens Angle (°) 143
Lens Resolution 1920x1080
Framerate (FPS) 30.0
Display Size (cm) 6.7
Display Resolution (Pixels) 100 x 100
Display Type LCD
Microphone Internal
Internal Speaker 1
Motion Sensor Yes
Input Connections Micro SD Card
Internal Storage (GB) 32
Maximum SD/USB Capacity (GB) 64
Mount Type Dash
LED Indicator Power
Software Available No
Wi-Fi No
Wi-Fi Compatibility (GHz) No
Water Resistant No
Power Connector Accessory Lighter Socket
Voltage (Volts) 12, 24
Accessories Mount, Accessory Lighter Socket Power Cable, Battery, Microphone, Installation Accessories, Instructions
Colour Black
Brand Caliber
Dimensions (cm) 10.0 x 10.0 x 10.0
Weight (Kg) 0.9000
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