Staycation Essentials For 2018!

Staycation Essentials For 2018!

Did you know that over half of Brits are planning a staycation this year? Whether it’s about getting down to the beach for a few days or escaping into the countryside it seems most of us enjoy a holiday right on our doorstep! In this article I’ll be going over some top tips and tech essentials for any staycation, so be sure to stick around!

Staycations are so popular because they allow you to have an amazing holiday at a fraction of the cost of going abroad for the same amount of time. They also require much less planning and complications compared to abroad holidays, therefore are less stressful which makes them very attractive to those with already busy lifestyles.

So now you’re keen on the idea, where should you go? Well, depending on what your goal for the holiday is, it really depends! The most popular seaside locations include Cornwall and Bournemouth, however if you’re looking to experience a new city with lots to offer then the most popular choices are London and Bath! If none of these sound like your cup of tea then you could also go to somewhere like Devon or the Lake District for a rural getaway!

By this point you should have a rough idea of where you can go and what you could do, But what do you need to bring with you? Well depending on where you’re going, things such as beach attire and camping equipment may be necessary; however there are some things you’re going to want with you regardless of where you’re going and what you’re doing... High up on the list will be a portable charger, you’ll likely be going out on day trips, taking photos, using Google maps, and soon enough your phones will be flat as a pancake... With a portable charger you and the family can rest assured that you’ll have enough juice to get home, especially important if you aren’t familiar with the area! Another must have is a Bluetooth speaker, everyone loves to be able to bring their music with them, but headphones aren’t always practical (and your family will probably call you rude names without you hearing for being antisocial...). A good Bluetooth speaker should have a long range, good battery life, some form of bass response or passive radiator and be portable enough to take out and about with you wherever you go. Finally if you’re staying in a caravan, mobile home or anywhere with power outlets, a great way to save on space and clutter is to use a charging station, so you and everyone else can all charge your devices using one power outlet, although you should make sure that these are of high quality as cheap alternatives may not be protected from things like over-voltage and over-current.

Here at Beyond Products we have a range of great Bluetooth speakers, and our Kicker Bullfrog range even doubles as a portable charger! We’ve also got a high quality wireless charging station that’s perfect for taking on holiday. Hopefully this has been helpful and makes planning your next staycation even easier than normal.