Why People Are Upgrading Their Factory Speakers

Why People Are Upgrading Their Factory Speakers

People often change out their stock car speakers in favour of an aftermarket alternative, but is it worth it? Well, in short, YES! Good quality aftermarket speakers offer a lot of benefits compared with OEM speakers and over the next couple of paragraphs I’ll explain what they are and why they matter.

If you like your music loud then the original speakers in your car will disappoint you... Factory fit speakers are made up of paper cone which means at high volume they will heavily distort ruining the sound quality. Good quality aftermarket speakers on the other hand will be made from Polypropylene and other high end materials that will hold clarity at much higher volumes ensuring the volume can be cranked up without sacrificing sound quality.

The Polypropylene materials also allow brands such as Kicker Audio and JL Audio to create a woofer that is much more durable as well as also increasing performance tenfold from standard. You will find, especially in old cars, that the speaker has simply deteriorated and sounds awful due to the cheap, thin materials used to keep costs down.

Aftermarket speakers will either be components or coaxial, component is where the woofer and tweeter are separate and coaxial is where the woofer and tweeter are together. Many OEM setups won’t have any tweeter at all so by upgrading you’ll suddenly get a new level of highs in your music that you had simply never heard before!

It’s not just the high notes you’re missing out on though, your car’s speakers are too thin to create a good, solid bass response due to the thin materials they’re made from, and therefore they will not be projecting low sound well at all... Aftermarket speakers on the other hand will be made from much more dense materials to provide that punchy bass response we all know and love!

All our speaker upgrade kits at Beyond Products are made from high quality brands such as JL, Kicker and MTX meaning you’ll get all the benefits mentioned above in a plug and play, all inclusive package with the added extra of Dynamat Xtreme sound damping and full instructions making the process easy even for novices! Check out our kits here to find the kit for your specific car!