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Welcome to SeaSucker, the innovative vacuum mount that seamlessly attaches racks to cars and marine accessories to boats.

Who are SeaSucker?

SeaSucker is a family owned and operated business that started life in Florida in 2005. The SeaSucker team comprises of a group of offshore anglers, former pro-cyclists, paddle boarders, snowboarders, musicians and artists. They share a passion for creating solutions to real world problems found when out on the water having fun. All products are designed and manufactured in-house, ensuring they are over-engineered and over-built to match uncompromising standards!

What is SeaSucker?

At the core of all SeaSucker products is the innovative vacuum mount. SeaSucker products make it possible to add functionality and upgrades without permanent fixings. This gives you the flexibility to have what you want, where and when you need it when out on the water or on the road. SeaSucker mounts will seamlessly attach to any non-porous surface with a few pumps of a button; no scratching, no drilling! This allows for the quick addition of a strong mounting point to vehicles where previously it just wasn’t possible. The innovative visual orange indicator band delivers peace of mind, letting you know it’s time to re-pump long before it detaches. These versatile vacuum mounts have been integrated into a wide range of products, from simple rings for holding ropes to quick-mount car racks.

Why choose SeaSucker?

The key to SeaSucker’s success is its strength; the 4.5“version is pull rated at over 50Kg while each 6” is 95Kg! Moreover each SeaSucker can be installed in a matter of seconds. Select a flat, non-porous surface, place the mount where you need and pump the button until the orange line can’t be seen, easy! This combination of power and ease of use makes it suitable for so many situations. You need a boat hitch at a specific location on your vessel? Wat to keep the deck tidy when you’re not fishing, check out our rod holders! Want to take your board to the beach in your wife’s car? SeaSucker roof-racks install on almost any car roof in seconds, no bespoke clamps are required allowing you to move from vehicle to vehicle no problem. To make your life easier we have organised the range into four categories; Utility, Holders, Racks and Mounts.

If you have any questions be sure to visit our Seasucker FAQ Page, hopefully the answer is just one click away!

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